Выходной (2017)

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Vi diciamo un po' di che tratta Выходной... People in a Southern Ukrainian city come out to commemorate an important national holiday. Old and new symbols mix in their quest for identity and common understanding. Despite living on neighboring streets, the distance between them is growing. This is a portrait of people who demonstrated on the main square of a city in a country to which war has returned. The film was shot on Victory day on May 9th in Mykolaiv. The flagship city of Russia’s Imperial and Soviet shipbuilding, the city which during Soviet times was considered completely pro-Russian, suddenly reveals its Ukrainian essence. Discussions, various symbols, the battle between pro-Ukrainian and pro-Soviet, red poppies and St. George’s ribbon… In its search for a new self and place in modern day Ukraine, it hurdles itself from one extreme to another.. Per poter vedere Выходной streaming ITA È possibile utilizzare servizi come Netflix, pay per view, utilizzare programmi come emule o torrent o Vedere nei cinema. La tanto attesa uscita di Выходной streaming ita è stata il 2017-12-18 e questa magnifica produzione ha una durata di 16 minuti.


Zhanna Maksymenko-Dovhych