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The Magic Garden (1952)

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Vi diciamo un po' di che tratta The Magic Garden... On a normal and tranquil Sunday morning in a native suburb of Johannesburg, an old colored man makes a grand donation of his life savings, forty pounds, to his priest. And while the two are praying for heavenly guidance as to how the money should be spent to help the multitude of needy, a skulking thief makes off with it. Away he goes through the church door, with the old man and the priest in pursuit, shouting "stop, thief!" to rouse the whole quarter. Thus the story begins. But before it reaches a finish, with the money back in the priest's hands and the thief, a slippery rascal, in the heavy hands of the police, the forty pounds has done more service, accidentally, in the cause of good on behalf of several unsuspecting natives than it could ever have done otherwise.. Per poter vedere The Magic Garden streaming ITA È possibile utilizzare servizi come Netflix, pay per view, utilizzare programmi come emule o torrent o Vedere nei cinema. La tanto attesa uscita di The Magic Garden streaming ita è stata il 1952-02-06 e questa magnifica produzione ha una durata di 63 minuti.


Donald Swanson


Dolly Rathebe , Tommi Ramokgopa e Harriet Qubeka